Coach Kimberly Prema

Your lifestyle and wellness coach 



Kimberly, a fitness trainer, and life coach, had a realization: in spite of access to more information, resources, facilities, and quality goods, foods, and services than ever before, most people were struggling to live their best life. Kimberly Ann’s unique experiences helped her to think beyond the standard to conclude that each person can live life well.


Born in upstate New York, Kimberly Ann formed an early connection with the Divine. She received a degree in Biblical Studies before traveling throughout the United States, southern Asia, and Africa on missions of spiritual and humanitarian aid and education. Her contact with and respect for regional, cultural, and spiritual differences also developed her respect for those essential human similarities that bind us together all over the world. She realized that our emotional and spiritual needs are often connected to our physical and nutritional ones.


When she settled back in the United States, Kimberly Ann continued to pursue her dream of helping, healing and educating people. She has trained as a group fitness instructor, a certified nursing assistant, a life coach and counselor, and a health coach. She has worked with individuals, families, parents as well as children. Kimberly Ann believes that achieving health and wellness requires a holistic, multifaceted approach that blends emotional and spiritual healing with physical and nutritional goal-setting. Her dynamic, process-oriented approach encourages her clients to address and engage the emotional and/or spiritual obstacles that are so often ignored and yet are vital to a successful health and wellness plan.


Kimberly Ann now lives in Greensboro, NC with her three beautiful daughters where they transform their community through divine light and love. Kimberly Ann works with people who desire to have their life changed through transformational workshop, spiritual counseling, nutrition counseling, classes, one on one consultations, motivation and support in an accepting, non-judgmental, safe environment. All her work can be done in person, FaceTime or Skype.