Humans Always Smell Odd

"Humans always smell odd when change is in the the air. Like rotten meat, with a hint of papaya," said The One and Only Ivan (a gorilla) by Katherine Apllegate.

I don't know if this post should be about the gym or the challenges of change. It will probably be both, but since my arms a just the slightest bit sore, I'm going with a gym blog.

In all honesty, my arms could be sore from the gym since I increased my weights minutely for the New Year OR it's from shivering while I watched my daughters ice skate with their friends at the downtown, outdoor rink. But again, this is going to be a gym blog, so I'll stick with gym soreness.

There are a few amazing people that come to the gym at 5:00 a.m. smelling like they just stepped out of the shower. Even their sweat smells good. My gym mates are lucky I'm fully dressed. I'm still so distrut in the morning that I have to lay my clothes out the night before and when the alarm goes off at 4:30 a.m. I'm hoping for some Harry Potter magic to put warm clothes on my body then get into a warm car that hasn't used any of my gas and finally take me to the gym all the while I'M STILL SLEEPING. Then I walk into the scent of beauty and wake up.

I don't go to the gym six days a week like some of my gym mates. I go three times a week as a stress reliever that is a single mom with a growing business, a 45 hour a week job and a part-time job. I go to the gym to keep the nearly 30 pounds I gained in my marriage OFF. I do it to remind myself that I'm stronger than I look and to keep up with my young and active children. I do it because I want to be in my 70's like my parents and on absolutely no medications (and beat my kids in a bike race like my parents do me).

See, going to the gym isn't about what the Surgeon General says I need to do or the American Heart Association. We all know the statistics: It's about what motivates YOU! At the core of your being, what do you really want your body to be or do within the realities of your structure, time and lifestyle? Where do you want to be when you retire? These are the things that will get you active 30 minutes every day. These are the things that will have you walking those 10,000 steps that seem to be the minimum requirement.

You might be asking what I do on my days off from the gym if I'm really dedicated to all of these motivatators in my life. Well, yoga, tai chi, bike rides with my daughters, sometimes I run once a week, walk to work or just walk the dog. I know what exercise is right for me. I know how much is right for me. I know what I want out of my life and I know how I want to treat my amazing body that has the ability to heal itself without much doctor intervention. I love my body and I'm deeply grateful.

So, find out what's right for you and get moving. Every small step has a huge impact.


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