5 Tips to Take Charge of Your Recharge

Sigh! I just got back from vacation. It was as amazing as this picture. Our vacation was full of family, laughter and fun. We went to different places so the entire family got something they wanted. We spent a day on a boat. We spent a day at a lake. We spent another day at Universal Studios in Orlando. There we visited everything that each person wanted to see from Harry Potter to Spider Man rides. We spent a day by a heated pool and hot tub. We spent every meal together. We spent time playing games and watching a movie or two. Three generations spending a week together and it was phenomenal. We walked away thankful and recharged.

What the vacation was not. It wasn't being on our electronics. Electronics are never, ever allowed at the table during meal time. It wasn't about having our own individual agendas. That just does not work. It wasn't about running each other ragged, but considering everyone.

Now is this a vacation for every family of three generations? No way! I know that. But here are five guidelines to help you recharge yourself and your family on your next vacation.

1. Let everyone express what they want or need while on vacation before taking off, particularly if you have any type of limitation. Being clear on what you want/need and don't want/need and communicating it in a loving way is the beginning of an amazing trip.

2. Be open, understanding and gracious to other people's suggestions, wants/needs and then be willing to work on a compromise, if need be.

3. Get a lot of good rest each night. Being together that much for any length of time can be demanding. A lot of rest will help you stop and think before saying or doing something you could regret.

4. Make sure there is a way for you to recharge (this is especially for the introverts). Sneak away early in the morning or late at night, take an afternoon walk or a bath. Find a way to be the best you and be it.

5. Be grateful and speak your gratitudes to each other. This is our constant practice especially at meal times. There are few things in the world that will knit a family closer than sharing these priceless moments.

Free-be-tip: go on vacation with people you love to spend time with in every day life.

We all are well aware that life is busy. It's the one constant in most people's lives. Take at least a few days a month and a week a year to recharge physically, emotionally and spiritually. It will bring you great health, wellness and balance when you build "recharge" time into your schedule. In our world it won't "just happen". You have to take charge of your recharge. Who do you need to talk to in order for recharge to happen? What do you want/need to communicate, in love? Where do you need to go to recharge? When is the best time for you and your family to go? How can you build it into your schedule?

Here are some everyday recharge tips:

Take time for silence in meditation/prayer. Take time for 30 minutes of exercise. Take time to eat whole, good food. Take time to love and connect. Take time to sleep well.


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