Lessons When "Time Flies"

"Time flies!" I've heard that old cliche all my life and what I have come to learn is that it is true. Thankfully, I don't have many regrets. I have traveled and lived in other countries besides my own. I've had the opportunity to serve the poor, help the sick and comfort the lonely and sad. I have had the honor of giving birth to three healthy, happy, intelligent daughters. I follow the lineage of strong, independent, loving women that I am certain my daughters will carry on. I've fallen in love. I've made remarkable friends and plan on keeping them. I get to work hard and play hard too.

I also have some regrets. Not sending cards to my family and friends for special occasions or just because. The cruel things I've said to my ex-husband and others that did not demonstrate my love or compassion. Opportunities I've missed to show kindness in the moment like a word of encouragement. Or the hours and hours I've spent worrying about things that never happened and some things that did happen but I survived in the most remarkable ways.

With joys or with some regrets, time still flies. As I sit here writing this blog I see my vision board for 2017. I have had dreams for this year to laugh more, to feel healthy in spite of my diseases, get a cool watch, help others, etc. I notice that I've done about half of the things on my board already, but time is flying and I have five and a half months left to accomplish the rest of my dreams.

Five and a half months doesn't seem like a long time, however, I think it is just the right amount of time to strive for completion. I still want to help a few more people this year. I still want to reacquaint myself with friends who I lost touch with this past year. I still want my business to grow. I still want to laugh more and feel better than disease would like me to feel. I'm still striving towards those January 2017 dreams. I am still motivated to achieve them.

What about you? Can you even remember what you hoped for on January 1, 2017? Was it to eat better and lose 20 pounds? Or was it to exercise more? Was it to take part in more self-care? Or to renew healthy friendships? Was it to meditate everyday? I am here to tell you don't give up! It's not too late. Your goals and dreams are worth it. YOU are worth it! So come on, lets do it and live life without regrets while time flies.


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